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Webinar series: Sustainability and EYLF

EESSA Inc and the national Alliance of ECE EfS associations are proud to bring our members a series of webinars. The first in this series will be available soon free on our website. The remainder of the series of up to 8 webinars will only be available here to members.

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Environmentally Healthy Cleaning

Do you know what is in the cleaning products you use?

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Education for Sustainability

In order to respect and love the earth we need to understand it. Children need to connect with the natural environment to understand and value their role as caretakers. We need to take children beyond nature play. Learning in, about and with nature involves far more than using natural materials in our play space designs.

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Kitchen gardens that work

Frustrated with trying to grow good vegies so that you are ready to give up or are have already given up?
Have you been trying a kitchen garden at your service and having trouble growing and harvesting?
Learn how to have a kitchen garden that works.

Resources for EfS

Attached are a series of articles and lists of resources that will support your service and you on your sustainability journey.

Indigenous perspectives and Sustainability

There is much we can learning from Indigenous perspective on sustainability. Australia’s indigenous people have cared for mother earth for over fifty thousand years.

EC EfS National Alliance

Australia has a growing EC EfS Alliance that is heling Australia lead the world in education for suatainability

Energy Efficiency

There are many simple things you can do each day to support children to understand about energy and the need for energy reduction.

Recycle Right – there is no ‘away’

It wasn’t that long ago that when we had unwanted wrappings or something had broken we would say ’just throw it away’
However there is no such place as ‘away’. We only have one earth and everything we produce stays here. All the waste we create, everything we want to throw ‘away’ stays on our earth

Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable procurement essentially involves thoughtful consideration of environmental and social as well as financial aspects when purchasing goods and services. It is about purchasing that goes beyond the up-front costs of making the purchase to determine the whole of life environmental and social costs, or total life cost (TLC).